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Weight Support

How does it Work?

We tried to do a multi-faceted approach to weight management. If you really want to lose weight you need to follow a whole system.  You must reduce caloric input and increase physical activity. Every successful weight loss program involves that.

How can we make it easier? That was our goal. We identified the frequencies of five different fat burners. We obtained actual fat tissue, animal and human fat tissue that we got from our plastic surgeon friends who extracted it with liposuction. We put that tissue in a box in the lab and ran five different frequencies. We saw the fat literally dissolve, break down and liquefy. These are the frequencies we added into the field.

In addition to that we must detoxify the body. When we take in toxins from our food and our environment they are stored in our fat cells. The body is trying to move those toxins away from the organs and fat is a nice place to store it. When you start to break these fats down, you start reintroducing toxins into the body. So we have created a very strong detoxification process and included energies to stimulate the lymphatic system and move out the toxins in a natural way.

This is a huge program that includes 38 or 39 frequencies. Everything in it is good for you. It reduces appetite, after a couple of months you will find yourself eating much less. As you start getting lighter, you become more active, you feel good about yourself. You also get much more mental stamina, become more creative, and enjoy new physical activities. This program attacks several situations from different angles.

In this weight loss support program we have stayed away from stimulants. Programs with stimulants may work well for 30-60 days. Then the body starts rejecting all the stimulation causing negative effects. You can use our patch continuously for 90 days without any complications. Most people will see a noticeable weight loss in 90 days. If they want to continue the program they can resume it in two weeks. We have seen good results in people with thyroid problems who lost weight and were able to reduce their medications. Of course, you have to work with your doctor on that.

Suggested Application: Begin this program by placing one patch on the left side, 24/7. Replace the patch every three days. (Some practitioners recommend using two Patches for the first couple of weeks to jump start the body).

Intention: This patch is intended as an aid to a diet plan. If you find yourself hungry after applying, it may not be strong enough for you. Try putting on two (2) for a few weeks and test again. Some individuals may need a three to nine month program depending on the weight gain.   Repeat until you get the results you want. The Energy & Alertness patch used in combination with the Weight Loss Support Patch will improve energy level and enhance the weight management program. Results may vary depending on the individual. 

All content is for informational and educational purposes only. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.   Any product or content contained herein are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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