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Keywords A - H

These KEYWORDS have been recommended by our doctors or practitioners and are for REFERENCE PURPOSES only.   The statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.   

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Acid Reflux: Digestive Aid

Acute Injury: Pain-Tens Relief + Master Restoration

ADD - ADHD: Memory/Recall or Adult Concentration

Addiction: Advanced Stress Relief

Adrenals:  Kidney-Adrenal-Thyroid Support

Agent Orange: Organ Detox + Master Restoration

Alertness: Energy & Alertness Boost

Allergies:  Seasonal Allergies

Alzheimer’s: Health Plus + Adult Concentration or Memory Recall

Ameba: Parasite Cleanse

Anti-Aging: Anti Aging

Anti Inflammation: Longevity & Pain-Tens Relief

Anti-Oxidant: Longevity or H-GH Plus

Anxiety; Stress/Anexiety Relief

Arterial Plaques: Circulation & Plaque

Arthritis: Joint Care + Pain-Tens Relief

Athletes Foot: Candida Plus

Bacteria: Bacteria & Colds

Balding:  Hair Stimulation

Bell’s Palsy: Viruses + Master Restoration

Better Blood Flow:  Circulation & Plaque

Blood Sugars: Enzymes Data Base

Breast Implants (Saline Based: Scar Solution

Calcifications: Circulation & Plaque

Candida:  Candida Plus

Carpel Tunnel:  Pain-Tens Relief + H-GH Plus

Cataracts: Vision & Clarity

Cerebral Palsy:Lyme Disease + Master Restoration

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Liver Brain Connection + Master Restoration

Colds Suffering or Prevention: Bacteria & Colds

Cold Sores: OL Extract

Cuts or infection:Bacteria & Colds

Cystic Fribrosis:  Organ Detox + Bacteria & Colds + Master Restoration

Cysts:  Organ Detox + Master Restoration

Depression: Stress Anxiety Relief + Sleep Aid + Health Plus

Detoxification: Organ Detox

DHEA: Anti Aging

Diabetes: Enzymes Data Base + Health Plus

EB Virus: Liver Brain Connection

Endometriosis: Parasite Cleanse

Engineered Biological Agents: Liver Brain Connection

Environmental Toxins: Organ Detox

Epstein Barr: Liver Brain Connection + Master Restoration

Eye Problems: Vision & Clarity or Eye Signatures or Advanced Eye Focus

Floaters:  Vision & Clarity

Flu:  Flu Seasonal or Flu Non Seasonal

Focus:  Adult Concentration

Food Allergies: Seasonal Allergies

Fibromyalgia: Liver Brain Connection + Pain-Tens Relief

Fungus: Parasite Cleanse and/or Candida Plus

Gall Stones: Circulation and Plaque

Gastroenteritis: Digestive Aid

Glaucoma: Vision & Clarity

Hair & Skin: Skin & Hair Enhancement

Headaches: Pain-Tens Relief

Heavy Metals: Organ Detox

Hemorrhoids: Health Plus

Hepatitis: Liver Brain Connection

Herniated Disc: Pain-Tens Relief + Master Restoration

Herpes: OL Extract + Pain-Tens Relief + Health Plus

High Cholesterol: Circulation & Plaque

Hormone Balance: Female Balance

Hot Flashes: Female Balance

HPV: OL Extract


All content is for informational and educational purposes only. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any product or content contained herein are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 

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