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Frequently Asked Questions

Important! Always keep the Aura Exploration Patches in the plastic sleeve they came in to conserve the energy. Please note the sleeves and the insert instruction cards are now programmed along with the Patches to further protect the energy.  You can use the insert instruction card under your water container to complement the Patch.

What are Aura Exploration Patches?
The system uses 21st century technology whereby specific frequencies are impregnated into a patch based upon homeopathic principles. The Aura Exploration Patch system offers a new and natural way to heal the body without any pharmaceutical or other chemical compounds.

How should I feel when wearing the Aura Patch?
Depending on your present age and condition, you should start receiving immediate results from the available energy. Most people feel a difference the very first day. Sleep Aid is a good example of the technology; you will find sleeping is a renewed pastime.

Can anyone wear the Aura Exploration Patches?
Adults, Children and Pets can wear the Patches.  For information on the use of the Patches please read the individual information page of each Patch. 

How long do I wear the Patch System?
Each therapy is unique, it depends on the patch and the reason it is chosen, if in doubt consult your therapist or practitioner.

Is the Patch System safe?
Many people have asked this question. Yes! The Aura Exploration Patch System is made for the most energy sensitive person. There are no chemicals or transdermal solutions to worry about, just natural clean energy presented into your energetic field. This energy is only found in the healthiest people on the planet.

How often do I need to wear the Patch?
Wear the Patches as often as you wish. The Aura Exploration Patch presents a field of energy that is available to your body. If for any reason your body does not need that energy, the energy will only flow in your aura outside of your body. There are no side effects, because all of the energy patterns presented by the Patches are found naturally in healthy bodies.

Can I use the Patches when I shower?
Yes, although in some cases the adhesive may have a tendency to fail and the patch fall off after a shower; You can re-attach the patch with medical tape, Johnson & Johnson make a good one called First Aid Cloth Tape 1 inch wide.  

What if I react to the adhesive?
Either side of the patch can face the skin so stick the patches onto a piece of cloth tape and attach that to the body as the patches are not transdermal.  The energy is released from either side of the patch, into the etheric field of the body! (See the Science Document).  The best tape I found is Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cloth Tape it can be bought at Target.

Will I feel faint or dizzy wearing the patch?
Our studies have shown no negative reaction from wearing the patch; in most cases people feel better wearing the recommended patch. If you do feel faint or dizzy, consult your Healthcare Practitioner.

Can the Patches go through the Airport X-Ray?
Provided they are kept inside the protective plastic sleeve they can go through the X-Ray machine.

Why can I only wear three patches at one time?
There is a specific amount of energy in each patch, so if you mix too many of the frequencies it can weaken them.  In some cases where the frequencies are complementary to each other four patches could be worn.  Ask your therapist if in doubt.

Can I use the patches on my dog/cat?
Yes the patches work really well on animals specially the Stress Less and Joint Comfort. Stick the patch on the inside of the animals collar and replace every three days.  If you put them on the body the animal will most likely pull them off or even eat them.

Do I have to wear the Patches stuck to my skin?
No the Patches are not transdermal, as long as they are within one inch of the body they will work.  You can stick them on a band aid or medical tape.  My favorite is Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cloth Tape, one inch wide.

Why are the Sleep Aid Patches put inside the pillow case?
Because some people forgot to take them off their bodies in the morning, so we changed the application!

What is the difference between Sleep Aid and Good Night's Sleep?
Good Night's Sleep is the similar to the Sleep Aid Patch but is more than twice as strong, so it only needs to be changed every seven days, which is more economical.  I use this Patch and replace it every Sunday, easy to remember!

Can I cut the Patches in half?
Well you could! But you will destroy the pattern of the energy and the patches will not do what you bought them for!

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