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2560 First Avenue #202
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone Number: 619.251.1925
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Shingles - My MD had said that I had come to see him too late for him to help treat my severe case of shingles. I had a sore on my palm that made it look like it was burned and blistered, with a trail of sores that went all the way up to my breast. Julie treated me twice for the shingles, the evening of the first visit I was completely cleared of pain and after the second treatment my skin had healed completely.

Sheila M., Hillcrest

Sinus congestion - I had been suffering from chronic sinus congestion for over 40 years and was hooked on using nasal spray which only provided temporary relief. After one acupuncture treatment with Julie I noticed a dramatic improvement, I could breathe through my nose. After a few more visits with Julie my sinus's were completely clear - I no longer use nasal spray and haven't had a problem with my sinus's for several years.

Bob W., Clairemont

Back Pain - I had chronic low back pain for several years with a huge visible knot in the area, after several months of treatment with Julie the knot went away and I felt a dramatic improvement in the pain - I continue to see Julie for acupuncture and massage because I like the deep relaxation I get from the treatments. Now I'm virtually pain free and overall much happier in my life.

Sandy K., Lemon Grove

Female Infertility - I had been trying to conceive for over a year and was getting concerned about it, I saw Julie for a few treatments and made small lifestyle changes she recommended. I became pregnant after two months.

Jennifer P., Rancho Bernardo

Male Infertility - We had been trying to have a baby for a couple of years. I had varicose veins in my testicles which my MD said made it more difficult to conceive. I went to Julie for 3 months of weekly acupuncture and herbal medicine. My wife became pregnant after that. We now have a beautiful little girl.

Gabe M., La Jolla

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