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Julie Wynne L.Ac.
2560 First Avenue #202
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone Number: 619.251.1925
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Acupuncture Resources

Crane Herb Company
Patients may use this link to order herbs from me off the internet.

Doc Misha's Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine
Total Health Through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Misha Cohen, Author and Chinese Medicine located in San Francisco.

Great Compassion Healing Center in Berkeley - The Best of Chinese & Ayurvedic Healing Arts
Dr. Sheng-wei Lan holds the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree. She is a practitioner specializing in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine. Her specialty includes internal medicine, diabetes management, women's wellness, mental wellness, bipolar, pain management, lifestyle and dietary counseling. She has healed over 5000 patients through her nonprofit clinic.

Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic UK | Theta Healing | Hypnotherapy Services in Bristol
Looking for Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, EFT or EMDR in Bristol? You've come to the right place...! Lou Palmer a Qualified Hypnotherapist in Bristol is available now for the treatment for all kind of Hypnotherapy problems.

Acupuncture Bristol UK - Acupuncture Treatment at Bristol Acupuncture Clinic
Are you finding an acupuncturist in Bristol UK? Qualified acupuncturist Ian Robert Hope is available now for the treatment of a multitude of conditions including Emotional Distress, M.E and fibromyalgia, Menstrual or gynecological problems, and Skin Conditions.

AcuFacial - Shellie Goldstein M.S., one of the best acupuncturists who has offices in New York, The Hamptons and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She offers Acupuncture as a good variant for skin care. Her signature cosmetic acupuncture procedures - AcuFacial - is a non-invasive alternative to wrinkle reduction therapies. She uses acupuncture with ultrasound, LED (light) therapies to get smoother, skincare technology, Chinese medicine, and more radiant skin. View before and after photos by visiting our website.
When you’re faced with the knowledge that you or your partner might have a fertility problem, your life is immediately turned upside down. You don’t always know where to turn for help, research or encouragement and you often feel very alone and very isolated. That’s exactly why we created Our primary goal is to be your consumer advocate and support site for infertility. We want to offer support, advocacy, education and encouragement and much more for anyone.
Envita treats a wide variety of diseases and conditions focusing on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and infectious, autoimmune, and chronic diseases. Visit now to learn more.

Doctor - Coral Springs FL
Dr. Jason Zannis - Walk-in to wellness is a one stop place for medical, urgent care, medical spa, preventative medicines and physicals to patients in Coral Springs FL at a convenient time and reasonable cost.

Local San Diego Resources:

Wonderful yoga and meditative healing classes in San Diego (my insightful teachers) Meher Bani Kaur and Guru Mantra Singh-,
Hypnosis -specifically for abuse issues, energy patches and aura readings from the lively Sheila Moore,,
a great place to detox and learn about wheat grass and raw foods (as I have been told by several patients)

Rosie's Remedies
Natural solutions for your pets.  Featuring flea and tick control product made without Pesticides or Insecticides.

Informative acupuncture and herbal websites:,, 

For information on cancer and complementary medicine: 

U.S. Government site on health: - general health information- with a section on herbs

Support locally grown organic food:

In addition - if you're feeling generous please make a donation to the Pan African Acupuncture Project - it's a group of acupuncturists who train African medical practitioners treatments for Malaria and AIDS. If you mention my name with the donation - Julie Wynne L.Ac. - the money will be used to help send me to Africa to volunteer there. Otherwise the money will be used to buy needles and other supplies for the project. I lived in Africa for seven years and would love to be able to return to share some of my skills w/ the local people.

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